Pro tips


You will sometimes see CMD/CTRL and ⌘/^ to indicate that the COMMAND key must be used on macOS or CONTROL must be used on Windows. Likewise, OPT/ALT and ⌥/⎇ represent OPTION on macOS or ALT on Windows.


Binding(symbol) Binding(text) Action
⌘ + ,(comma) CMD + ,(comma) Open settings page
⇧ + / SHIFT + /(=?) Open keyboard shortcuts
⌘ + Z CMD + Z Un do


Binding(symbol) Binding(text) Action
↑/↓ or K/J ↑/↓ or K/J Select previous/next task
←/→ or ⇧+Tab/Tab ←/→ or SHIFT+Tab/Tab Select task in previous/next lane
= = Navigate to next time period
- - Navigate to previous time period
] ] Move 1 day forward
[ [ Move 1 day backward
T T Navigate to today
1~7 1~7 Change calendar view (1 = 1day view, 2= 2days view)
D or 1 D or 1 Daily view
W or 7 W or 7 Weekly view



Binding(symbol) Binding(text) Action
ENTER Open task popover(detail)
N N Create new task in active lane(or list)
H H Plan task
⌫ or ␡ BACKSPACE or DEL Delete task
E E Done task
O O Open the integrated source link for the task
F F Start time tracking of the selected task
Space Start/pause time tracking for the current task
⇧ + → SHIFT + → Unplanned tasks: Move task to active date
Planned tasks: Postpone task by one day
⇧ + ← SHIFT + ← Planned tasks : Move task to Unplanned